August 18, 2011

Revenge Eyeballs

My coworker traumatized me (for a whole afternoon, omg!) by talking about a horror movie scene involving eyeballs. . . . So, after some trial and error with the pattern, I knit up a dozen and pelted him with them, a week after the original incident. Don’t mess with me; my revenge is eventual and silly.

You probably know someone who would appreciate some eyeballs! They would also be handy for Halloween decorating, hanging on your morbid Christmas tree, or stringing together for a festive year-round alternative to bunting! They could even be attached to a knit or crochet toy, for that hand-made je ne sais quoi that you just can't get from commercial safety eyes. Truly, the uses for stuffed eyeballs must be endless!

The one thing I wouldn't do with them is give them to small children and pets. I suspect they'd come apart into choke-y bits of yarn, if they were played with roughly.

The ones I made were roughly the size of human eyeballs. If you're not a stickler for quasi-accuracy, you can change the yarn weight and/or gauge as desired to make larger or teenier eyeballs.

Get the pattern on Ravelry!

Edit, 7/18/12: Now, a Ravelry download!
Edit, 8/22/11: Fixed busted images.

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  1. I think these eyeballs are hilarious! I'm not much into revenge, but I have a friend who enjoyed a flock of tiny knitted bunnies that invaded her desk last Easter... Heheh - maybe some eyelash yarn hairy eyeballs would brighten her Halloween!